About Kim

Kim grew up in Florida, moved to Manhattan the minute she could, then rounded off her education with a two year stint in Art History at Christie’s in London. She became very sophisticated and developed an impressive accent until her husband asked her to knock it off. They moved to San Francisco where she became less sophisticated but far more healthy and conscientious. She had three very loud boys, grew up and decided she couldn’t find anything she wanted to wear. Putting her Art History background to good use, she decided to make some super chic dresses that are easy to wear. Because she lives in San Francisco, and cares about things, the dresses are made locally.

Our Brand

We believe that all women deserve an easy way to look chic, sexy, and powerful.

Since 2014, we've been on a mission to create the go-to dresses in your closet. The ones you can dress up or dress down, the ones that always seem to be right for the occasion (no matter the occasion) and the ones you look great in time after time. We are obsessed with elegant simplicity and making you look amazing without looking like you’ve tried too hard.  You've got better things to think about - let us obsess over your dress.

What makes our dresses special?

  • Classic Chic Design - Flattering cuts that allow for movement and comfort.
  • Attention to Details - The best quality for the best price.
  • Commitment to Community - Designed and made in our local community, San Francisco.