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Your Guide to Cuba

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” – Hemmingway


Eat Ceviche. Meet Santi, it might not be the fanciest place to eat ceviche, but it is likely the best. Quiet, serene, and hidden, this is the place you will watch boats float down the river, laugh with the people you love, and wonder how you ended up eating ceviche near a river in Havana, Cuba.

Dance. I know not everyone is a dancer, in fact, most of us would say we aren’t, but La Fabrica del Arte Cubano is worth seeing. The walls are filled with paintings, design, fashion - the rooms with D.J’s, vocalists, theaters and bars. Yes, young people will be dancing. Yes, it is trying to be hip (think Brooklyn hip), but La Fabrica del Arte has something for everyone, and with only a 2 CUC entrance fee, you might as well stop in for a drink.

Ride in a Classic Car. Hire a driver to take you around the city for a day. He can take you to all the classic stops, imagine googling “top things to do in Havana”, except your driver will just decide for you. Make sure you stop by Jaimanitas and be photo ready!

Stop by the Hemingway House. There is a high chance you will want to move in, but the Hemingway House is still worth seeing.  The landscape, the views, the boat, the house … stop by and see what inspired Hemingway, you might even feel a little inspired yourself.

Swim at a desolate beach. Hidden in a neighborhood of abandoned houses you will find Playa Tarara. The sand is white, the water still, the beach likely empty. There isn’t much around, so pack your bag with food and drink. Don’t forget to check out the houses on your way in, it must have been a very wonderful getaway not so long ago.


  • There are two types of CUC in Cuba, make sure you know the difference because people will try to scam you. Although both versions say 20 Pesos, one is actually worth 20 CUC while the other is worth about .20 cents.

  • If you are traveling from America, you have a better exchange rate if you exchange your dollars into euros before arriving in Cuba.

  • Never buy cigars on the street.

  • There is minimal access to cellular and wifi. If you need wifi, purchase an internet card (that should be no more than 2 CUC an hour) and settle into a hotel lobby.

The best advice I have is wander, explore and get lost.

 Enjoy Cuba!

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