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When Do I Feel Most Creative?

Most of us don’t have the luxury of carving out time to free up our mind and let our imagination take us where it will. I often feel like I’m ricocheting from one category to another (business, kids, home…) without putting a lot of thought into any of it. I realized some of my most creative moments happen when it looks like I’m not doing much at all... which is exactly the point. Here are some of the times I feel I’m at my most creative:

Running – It always made me feel like I was accomplishing something but I realized I was not only exercising I was also able to have that stream of consciousness thinking that’s so hard to come by.

Flipping through magazines – I do this for work ideas, but it’s a mindless practice that really gets my creativity going.

Tea and a cat nap – I use to feel guilty about my 20-minute cat naps, but no more. They’re incredibly refreshing for that late afternoon run down feeling. Just be careful not to go longer! 

Walking Gigi to get a quick cappuccino – If I don’t have 20 minutes for my catnap, I grab Gigi and walk around the corner for a cappuccino. I have to be strict with myself and not call a girlfriend or my sister. It should be a quick refresh, not a ½ hour “cover it all” conversation which frankly I could do all day long... but that’s for another list.

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