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What's In My Bag: Summer Edition

I try to keep my summer bag streamlined and simple! Here are a few of my necessities... 


  1. My go-to purse for summer is a neutral Cuyana cross-body bag – it’s versatile and effortless, and it goes perfectly with all the colors and patterns I’m playing with this season.
  2. My weakness is vintage furniture! I always carry this sleek, lightweight tape measure on my travels just to convince myself the piece I want will fit.
  3. Nuface Prep-N-Glow clothes for refreshing on those hot summer days. 
  4. I love my Clare V wallet – it adds a little French flair to my bag.
  5. Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Moisturizer – I’m addicted! This keeps my hands soft and the scent is deliciously fresh and clean. 
  6. Sunglasses – A favorite find of mine from a boutique in Brooklyn.
  7. Chaintecaille lip potion. Perfect lip hydration with a pearly pink sheen. A must-have!
  8. Polkadog Chicken Little Sfizis – Because what kind of mom am I if I’m not prepared for my sweet girl, Gigi? 

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