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Kim and Proper Studio Tour

As a small fashion start-up, I spend most of my incredibly versatile days in my studio.  One day there will be dresses and fabrics on every surface, the next day it’s the set of a photo shoot all while acting as storage and fulfillment center. Frankly, most of the time it’s a chaotic working mess but it still represents who I am, what my style is and what I love. Here I share some behind-the-scenes photos of my studio space (albeit cleaned up just a bit!).

Inspiration Board

My inspiration board is covered in pages torn from magazines, fabric samples and (most importantly for me!) a very big calendar!


Mood Board and Bookshelf

We have books all over our house, but my particular favorites are kept right beside my desk.  I’ve read most of them 3 or 4 times.  These bookshelves are also a landing pad for my greatest antique finds (or junk as they are sometimes referred to by my family).


Fabric Swatches

My desk is always covered – usually in fabric samples, fashion books and a cup of tea in fine china (okay, it’s usually coffee in a paper Peets' cup.)


Laptop and Flowers

My one luxury is fresh flowers. They add life and beauty to an otherwise chaotic atmosphere!


Casey Dress

Say hi to Casey!


Summer 2017 Kim and Proper Dresses

Kim and Proper Summer 2017 dresses (from L to R: Casey, Brigitte in Khaki, Poppy in Blue Stripe and Red, respectively).

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