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My Top 5 Fashion Authorities

Nowadays, inspiration can be found in so many different platforms and outlets, sometimes making it difficult to navigate through it all. From classic print magazines and newspapers to the endless blogs, Instagrammers and Pinterest boards, new ideas and beautiful moments are everywhere. Today I’m sharing my top five go-to fashion authorities that I trust day-in and day-out to stay in the know on popular trends, inspiration & industry news. Enjoy!

  1. Keep It Chic | Keep It Chic is always featuring the type of content that interests me and keeps me in the know about industry trends. Covering everything from fashion to beauty to lifestyle, I always have this blog open in my browser. The clean and streamlined aesthetic is very appreciated, too!

    Keep It Chic

  2. Ines de la Fressange [@inesdelafressangeofficial] | I love scrolling through @inesdelafressangeofficial’s Instagram account - so chic, so french, what’s not to love?
    @inesdelafressangeofficial Instagram Graphic

  3. Caroline De Maigret | Recently I discovered Caroline De Maigret on Pinterest and quickly became obsessed. Her editorial and street style boards are so chic & her style is iconic.

  4. Harper’s Bazaar | I’m a Bazaar girl through and through. Print magazines will always hold a special place in my heart, as I’m sure they do with most Fashionista’s. Favorite features include “The Runway Report,” “Fabulous at Any Age,” and “The Well-Spent Dollar.”
    Fashion Magazines

  5. Wall Street Journal Magazine | The WSJ Magazine arrives monthly in my copy of the Wall Street Journal and is my most trusted lifestyle source. With a focus on fashion, design, travel, food & culture, the magazine has a finger on the pulse of all things new & next.

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