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My Monday Morning Routine

I’m not the most disciplined person, but one thing I’ve realized is every good Monday starts with an early night Sunday, so today I'm sharing some of my favorite tricks with you!  


  1. Early Night. Early dinner with the family so we’re all in bed at a reasonable hour. Our favorite Sunday night dinner is a steak and salad in front of one of our favorite shows (Series 3 Broadchurch is out!)
  2. Get Organized. I tend to feel overwhelmed thinking about the coming week. It helps clear my mind to make a rough list of what I want to accomplish Monday and the rest of the week.
  3. Hydrate. This part is tricky… lots of water and no red wine with that steak… I know I know.
  4. Eliminate Screen-time. I have a terrible habit of lying in bed and reading the New York Times on my phone. I try to resist the urge because I think the bed-time screen-time really does affect my sleep.



  1. COFFEE!  I’m not an early morning person, but I’ve finally realized my day goes so much better when I get up with that first alarm (not the second or third). My reward is a quiet cup of coffee by myself before everyone else is up.
  2. Family Check-in. My husband makes the breakfast, so it gives me a chance to check in with the kiddos to make sure we all know what each other is doing that day.
  3. Get dressed. Seems obvious, but I am the queen of putting on work-out clothes, wearing them all day, but never working out. Getting up and putting on a cute outfit seriously helps my productivity. Luckily I have a closet full of cute, chic and wearable dresses :)


Do you have any Sunday night/Monday morning parts of your routine that you absolutely can not skip?


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