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Meet me in Cabo!

Your Guide to Cabo. 

A few weeks ago a few girlfriends and I took our 14 year old sons to Cabo for spring break.  It’s an easy and quick trip from CA and perfect for a long weekend. Cabo has a reputation as a place for college kids to behave badly.  We planned our trip to mostly avoid that vibe and had a trip that was perfect for us and our sons. Here are some of my favorite spots!

The Cape - Cool, hip with great food and service.  This was perfect for grown ups and children.  We felt a million miles from raucous town though it was a 10 minute drive away!

Flora Farms - Established in 1996, Flora Farms is an organic farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains.  It’s a 40 minute pot-holed dusty drive from Cabo, but when you finally arrive you feel as if you’re seeing a lush green mirage.  Shops, fresh and creative cocktails and an outdoor restaurant using the produce grown on the farm.  

El Farrallon - The breathtaking view is worth the trip in itself, but the ocean-to-table fresh seafood was amazing.  Fancy and expensive.

The Office -  If you must go to Medano Beach (we did) this was a great place to sit and be harassed by the local trinket vendors.  The boys could swim, ride jet skis and eat tacos, and we could drink tequila, pretend it was someone’s birthday and (sort of) behave badly…

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