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Instagram Feeds I’m Loving

I can fall down the rabbit hole of Instagram as much as the next person, so I try to focus on just a few of my favorites for consistent inspiration. These IG women have very interesting lives, are all grown-ups, and are super chic! 

1. @kristinperers | A friend since childhood, Kristin’s photography captures the beauty of her rich and diverse life as a former fashion designer turned artist and photographer.

2. @fash_n_chips | Fashion, Flowers, Travel, Interiors – clean and European in style. Christine’s look is approachable and lovely.

3. @doesmybumlook40 | Real Moms, Real Talk. And we love Kat’s affinity for dresses!

4. @onlinestylist | Amanda’s black, white and red aesthetic reminds us of the classic french style that inspires so many of our Kim and Proper dresses. Plus, I’ll always have a special spot in my heart for the Brits!

5. @jenniferlake | Color, color and more color! Jenn's feed is always a great reminder that anyone can rock any color. 

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