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Finding Balance: Recent Discoveries


The Glossy Podcast is a weekly show discussing the impact of technology on the fashion and luxury industries with the people making change happen.
TheGlamPad - by Floridian Instagrammer Andrea - a beautiful curated collage of interior decorated homes.
Find a way to stand up for what you believe in. Having Trouble? Stay true to yourself and your emotions, this is most important. Whether it be a small or big action, take it. You are here to make a difference. 
An ancient natural therapy that everyone can gain something from. Anxiety, pregnancy, headaches, back pain, etc are all treated with acupuncture.
Fiber, fats, and protein. Only the good stuff. Start your morning with a delicious smoothie that gets your body working in a natural state of energy. 


  • Love this! Pkease write more blogs. Thank you.

    Julie Zawisza on

  • This capsulizes perfectly what’s important in life: Health, nutrition and taking a stance for what you believe in. Well done!

    sushant on

  • Wow…this is spot on! You really captured the most important elements in a woman’s life – and probably most women! Rock on!

    Holly Glass on

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