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Feature: Wendy Kurth Silver


Wendy has been one of my best friends since we were 9th graders together on the Space Coast of Florida.  As far as I can remember we were “helpless with laughter” for half of our childhood and busy plotting how to steal her dad’s Porsche for the other half. 

 She left our little hometown to attend Fashion Institute of Technology and became a clothing designer in NYC.  After a successful career in fashion she decided to take some time off so she could raise her daughters and lunch (not necessarily in that order).   Never one to be idle, she decided she liked the chopped salads at Bergdorf’s so much that she invented a utensil to speed up the chopping process.  The Toss & Chop went on to be a huge success and was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Today Show, Good Morning America,  and was one of the biggest selling household items on QVC.  

 The one constant has been her creativity and her art. She has always had a project going in one medium or another.  After selling the Toss & Chop in 2012 she was able to move to San Francisco to devote herself to painting full time.  My home is now filled with the fabulous art she creates whether it’s a collage, a watercolor or the beautiful abstract oils she specializes in.  


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