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Feature: Lisa Odyniec


Lisa Odyniec is one of those women who’s thoughtfulness, creativity and high energy are constantly inspiring. 

Raised in Washington D.C., she grew up surrounded by fashion and design from her super-chic interior decorator mother.  She studied architecture at Georgetown University then went on to work at the international design firm Poshek Partnership (now Ennead) in New York City.

Moving to San Francisco, she married her fabulous physician/bio-tech adventurist/doctors-without-borders husband (who we (me) all try to get free medical advice out of) and had two darling daughters.  She now has her own design studio focusing on architecture, interiors and product design.  If you add in their high-energy, stylishly color-coordinated Brittany spaniel, Remy, it makes for a wonderfully full, artistic and inspiring life. 

Lisa’s daughter, Marisa, is following in the family’s creative footsteps.  She is a budding artist and her sketches are always stylistically impressive, but also have the creative twist of the true original.

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