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I can’t resist an antique shop or vintage furniture store (even when “vintage” is an optimistic description!). I have always been crazy about interior design, and I love bringing together items I’ve collected over the years to be part of my eclectic home. My feeling is if you love it it will always work. We recently moved, and I was so happy to see our things just at home in our new place as they were in our old.


One of my first finds when I moved to San Francisco was this brown leather love seat. It’s been at some point in almost every room of our house. 


Both of these pieces were from our time living in London. The console table came from one of my favorite antique shops on the Kings Road in Chelsea. The painting was a gift from my husband found in a little gallery we loved in Knightsbridge.


I can’t seem to get enough of coffee table books even though I go through the silly ritual of taking them all down to Goodwill and saying I won’t buy any more…then buying twice as many more…


One of my faves!


I LOVE these mid-century chairs found in Paris on a trip with a girlfriend. I thought it was interesting to upholster them in an over the top traditional fabric. 


I love how these vivid magenta dining room chairs reflect the red in the antique Russian chandelier. 


I recently found this curved sofa in a shop in the Mission and recovered it in chartreuse.  I love it SO much and even more so that it’s become a favorite hang-out-and-look-at-his-I-phone places for one of my sons. Heartwarming.

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