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How KP Does Easter

Need a little Easter inspiration? Don’t you fret, we have got you covered.


1. The Courtnay, Kim and Proper (KP Tip: Sky Blue is our go to for Easter. Who doesn’t love a good pastel.)

2. The Cavalcadour, Hermes (KP Tip: For a classic look, wear it around your neck in a little knot. Here is a simple, easy video on how to tie the perfect knot:


3. The Akoya Cultured Pearls, Mikimoto (KP Tip: Kim is wearing her fancy pearls that her husband got her for their 10th anniversary, doubled around her neck so they hit just below the scarf.)


4. The Mini MAB Tote, Rebecca Minkoff (KP Tip: Don’t be afraid of coordinating colors. You can be as matchy as you want on Easter!)

5. The Ginnie, Calvin Klein (KP Tip: A pointy heel is the chic way to go for a more conserative occasion.)

“You’re allowed to be as old lady as you want on Easter. We’re going to Church for God’s sake!” – Kim

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