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Being Sensible With Leopard

I am always looking for classic simple chic…okay I’ll stop, but it’s true.  I prefer making an outfit stand out with accessories and a well cut dress.  Plus, I am crazy for leopard skin (my friend Sam pointed out it’s in every room in my home).  B-u-u-u-t…you can only wear leopard skin so often.  So as much as I love the new Gucci leopard booties I’m not sure I want to pay $1695 for a bootie let alone a leopard bootie.  That’s why I love these!  No, they’re not Gucci but they are super cute.  They don’t bear very close inspection but the cut is really good, AND they’re $85!!  Wear the hell out of them for a minute or two then give them to your nieces in Florida.

If the boots are too much try the flats ($79) – same cut at Jimmy Choo) or the pumps ($120).  They are great looking, wearable and actually don’t look cheap at all!

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