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Nobody Needs to See My Legs

I’m so curious about the fashion blogs where the girl stands in a (mysteriously) empty street looking stunning and tan, wearing a fabulous outfit (maybe carrying a basketful of daisies) and is beautifully photographed EVERY DAY by…whom? Her boyfriend? Her best friend who happens to be a great photographer? Her mother? I’m pretty sure it’s not her 14 year old son.
On the way back from a lacrosse tournament on Treasure Island, I asked my 14 year old son, and his friends, if they would mind stopping to take a few pictures of me for my blog. It was as if I had asked him if it was all right to give his teammates a lap dance.
When finally forced from the car, abusing me under his breath, he did in fact take some pictures of me. Afterward, he looked at them and screamed. “Mom! Oh my God! Nobody needs to see your legs! So we cropped them out. Then my husband saw the photos and said, “Wow! These are really bad…pr-o-o-o-o-bably don’t need to see your eyes…” So I chose one wearing glasses. Then my youngest son said, “MOM! Your face is so BIG!” So I chose one with my hair covering most of my face.
So this is what we’re left with, me, with my arms showing (nothing I could do about that), and my chin.
(wearing the Lily dress in chambray, no jewelry…felt heroic to have added a scarf)

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