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I really can’t think why it hadn’t occurred to me before. An on-line fashion business!  It only makes sense!  With my keen interest in fashion and proximity to Silicon Valley! So close to all that is on-line and…um…e-commerce…and… well, at any rate someone else will probably be taking care of the “on-line” part. I will be far too busy designing dresses, clicking around in high-heels, thin as a rail, wearing super cute dresses, consulting with my all-female (save for my sassy, slightly impudent but totally devoted, gay personal assistant) high fashion team, astutely running my multi-national fashion conglomerate (or is multi-national and conglomerate now bad?)…How about…a local and sustainable fashion business! At any rate, we will be a local conglomerate with a sustainable conscience. We will actually be making something. It will be as it was before the dot-commers drove all the real businesses out of San Francisco! A bit dicey here though seeing as I will now be a dot-commer…oh my God…how thrilling! I’M A DOT-COMMER!

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